Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the fastest methods of driving sales for your business. At somoWEB we specialise in PPC advertising with conversion tracking so that we can achieve the maximum return on investment (ROI) from your advertising budget.

How Does It Work?
PPC advertising is the process of appearing within the "sponsored links" section of Google (the major search engine in many countries). You can setup a text-based ad to appear anytime a user types in a specific keyword phrase. The best part is that you only pay when somebody actually clicks on ad, which effectively means that you only pay for results.

Advertising by Google Adwords

AdWords overview

No matter what your budget or how little time you have, you can reach new customers and grow your business using Google’s online advertising program. With AdWords, you can choose where your ad appears, set a budget that’s comfortable for you (there’s no minimum spending commitment), and easily measure the impact of your ad.

Reach people exactly when they're searching the Internet for what you offer. Your ad can appear on Google and its partner websites. With cost-per-click bidding, you're charged only when someone clicks your ad.

Where your ads appear

Benefits of advertising with Google

A few important things set AdWords apart from other kinds of advertising. Using AdWords, you can:

  • Reach people at the precise moment they’re searching for what you offer
    • Your ad is displayed to people who are already searching for the kinds of products and services you offer. So those people are more likely to take action.
    • You can choose where your ad appears -- on which specific websites and in which geographical areas (states, towns, or even neighborhoods).
    • AdWords reaches 80% of Internet users in the US. That's a big audience.


    Let's say you run a bakery near Boston. Set your ad to appear to customers in just that location, and when someone living or vacationing there searches Google for "blueberry muffins near Boston," they could see your ad and click it to connect to your business.

  • Control your budget
    • With cost-per-click bidding, you're charged only when someone clicks your ad, not when your ad is displayed. There are a variety of bidding options you can choose from.
    • You decide how much or little you want to spend monthly, and you’ll never be charged more than that amount.
    • There's no minimum spending commitment.
  • See exactly what's working in your ad, and build on it
    • View a report of how your ad is doing -- see how many new customers connect to your business from your ad, where they're coming from, and other details.
    • Use AdWords' tools to edit and improve your ad, and increase the number of potential customers who contact your business.
It's simple to get started, and it's easy to pause or stop. No strings attached.

Where your ads can appear

When you advertise with AdWords, your ads can appear on different places across the web, depending on how you target your ads, to whom you choose to show them, and the types of ads you create. Here's where or to whom your ads can appear:
  • On Google search and other search sites
  • On websites that people visit
  • On mobile phones with full browsers, tablets, and devices
  • To people in specific locations or who speak a specific language
  • To specific audiences

Before you choose where to show your ads, try thinking like your customers. What do they like? What are their habits? Where are they? What do you need to know about them so you can best reach them with your ads? Keeping your customers in mind when you make your choices can help you reach more customers and get a higher return on investment (ROI).

Here's more about where to show your ads and who might see them.

Showing your ads on Google search and other search sites

If you use keywords to target your ads, you select a set of keywords related to the product or service you'd like to advertise. Then, when people search using the words or phrases you picked, your text ads can appear alongside or above search results.

  • On Google search: Your ads can appear when someone searches on Google using your keywords. Here's an example, for the keyword "cupcakes":
  • An ad on Google search

    Where your ads can appear

  • On other search sites that are part of the Search Network: When someone searches on search sites that have partnered with Google to show AdWords ads, such as AOL, your ads might appear alongside or above search results or on other relevant search pages. Our global Search Network includes Google Maps, Google Shopping, and Google Groups along with our search partners' sites.
  • On mobile search: Your ads can appear on New Window, the mobile version of Google search.

Showing your ads on websites that your customers visit

You can also choose to show your ads to people as they browse the web. Your text, image, and video ads can appear on the Google Display Network. The Display Network is a collection of partner websites and specific Google websites -- including Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube -- that show AdWords ads. This network also includes mobile sites and apps that show ads (these are called mobile display partners).

Here's an example of ads on a Display Network site. You can see how the ads are targeted to the content of the page:

Ad on the Display Network

Where your ads can appear

Your ads can appear on specific websites or placements that you choose. For example, if your business sells wedding cakes, you could choose to show your ad on a popular wedding planning site.

Your ads can appear on websites based on the targeting methods you choose, like keywords, placements, audiences, and topics.

Find more information on where ads might appear on the Display Network.

Showing your ads on mobile phones and devices

You can show your ads to people as they search or visit websites on the go:

  • Your text ads can appear when people search on Google from their mobile devices and tablets.
  • Your text, image and video ads can appear on Google Display Network websites when people visit these sites from high-end mobile devices, such as iPhones, Android devices, or tablets.
  • Your ads can also appear on mobile apps, which are considered part of our Display Network.

Here's an example of how ads might appear on a mobile device:

Ad and search results on a mobile phone

Where your ads can appear

Read more about where your ads might appear when you target high-end mobile devices.

Showing your ads to people in specific locations or who speak a specific language

If you have text ads, you can choose to show them to customers in an entire country, a certain geographic location, and even to customers who use names of locations in their searches.


If you own a small local ice cream shop, you probably want to show your ads and special offers to people in nearby cities only. You can do this by targeting just specific cities.

Read more about targeting ads to a specific geographic location.

To better reach your potential customers, you can also target your campaigns to the languages they speak. And if your customers speak multiple languages, you can create separate campaigns to manage ads and keywords for each of those languages.

Learn more about language targeting.

Showing your ads to specific audiences

With AdWords, you can also show your text, image, and video ads on Display Network websites to specific groups of people:

  • People who previously visited your site: You can reach them by creatingremarketing campaigns.
  • People interested in the products or services you offer: You can reach them by adding relevant interest categories to your campaigns.

We'll then show your ads to people who are added to your lists or who we think are interested in those categories.


  • Say you own an online business that sells sports equipment. Using remarketing, you can show ads about ski gear to people who have viewed the ski section of your site in the past, when they visit other sites on the web. You could even show them a special offer just to them.
  • If your business sells Halloween costumes, you could add theHobbies & Leisure interest category to your campaign, and we could show your ads with images of trick-or-treaters in costume to people we think are interested in that category.

Learn more about reaching specific audiences.

Next steps

  • Now that you know where your ads can appear, find out different ways you cantarget your ads.
  • Already have an account? Find out what campaign settings you need to choose to show your ads where and to whom you want.
  • If you'd like to show your display ads to people on the go, you can create a mobile-only campaign to target full-browser mobile devices.

The cost of AdWords

AdWords gives you control over your advertising costs. There's no minimum spending requirement. You get to set the maximum amount you're willing to spend each day and choose how you'll spend your money.

How costs are calculated

Every time someone searches on Google, AdWords runs an auction to determine the ads that show on the search results, and their rank on the page. To place your ads in this auction, you set a bidding option in your account.

Most people starting out in AdWords use the basic cost-per-click bidding (CPC) option, which means they accrue costs based on the number of clicks they get on their ads. If you use this option, the amount you're charged per click depends in part on themaximum cost-per-click bid you set in your account, also called maximum CPC bid. This represents the highest amount that you'll ever pay for an ad click. In fact, you'll be charged only the amount necessary to keep your ad at its position on the page.


A few other factors, such as ad quality, determine the exact cost of a click on your ad. But if you've set a maximum CPC bid of $1 for your ads, then the most you'll pay when a customer clicks your ad is $1. And if your competition bids only $0.50 for the same ad position, you'll only need to pay $0.51 to show your ad, assuming your ads are similar in all other aspects.

Go to your account at New Window to see full reports of your advertising costs and billing history anytime.

AdWords essential

The auction: how Google decides which ads to show and their order

Control your costs

Now that you understand the basics of how costs can accrue in AdWords, let's look at the ways you can control your costs:

Set a daily budget to cap your spend

Your daily budget specifies the amount you're willing to spend each day for each ad campaign in your account. The size of your budget is entirely up to you and you can edit this amount whenever you like. When your budget is reached, your ads will start showing less often or stop showing altogether for that day.

Google may allow up to 20% more clicks in a day than your daily budget specifies. We call this overdelivery. Overdelivery can help make up for days when traffic is slow and your ads don't get as much exposure. But, even when the clicks or impressions exceed your budget, you won't be charged more than your budget for any given billing period.


If the budget for your ad campaign remains at $10 per day throughout an entire month, the maximum amount you would be charged for that campaign for that month is $304 ($10 x 30.4 average days per month).

Adjust your bids

If you use the cost-per-click bidding option, you set a maximum CPC bid for your ads. You can always lower your bid amount, but, if you do, it may cause your ads to show up in a lower position on the first page of search results. In general, a higher maximum CPC bid can allow your ad to show at a higher position on the page.


You can have your bids automatically adjusted, based on the daily budget you've set. Then the system will actively seek out the most clicks possible given your budget. This option is called automatic bidding.

Create more relevant ads to get the most for your money

High-quality keywords and ads are an important way to make sure that you're getting the most for your money.

You can raise your maximum CPC bid to try to get your ad to show at a higher position on the page. But you can also raise your ad's position by improving the quality of your ads, keywords, and settings, without increasing costs.

To encourage high-quality ads, Google uses a measurement called Quality Score. The higher the quality of your ad, the less you pay for a given ad position, and vice versa.


Let's say your maximum CPC bid is $2. Meanwhile, your competitor has a maximum CPC bid of $3 but the quality of his ads are below average. Because of the higher quality of your ads, your ad could actually show in a higher spot on the page, even though your bid is lower.

AdWords essential

Relevance: how ad quality affects your costs and performance

Next steps

If you're getting started in AdWords, you should next learn about the variety of payment options available with AdWords.

Already using AdWords? Here are some helpful resources to help you better understand your costs:

  • Learn about other bidding options available in AdWords and choose the right one for your goals.
  • Find detailed reports of your advertising costs and billing history. If you use other reporting software with AdWords, such as Google Analytics, you may notice differences inthe data. Learn why you may see discrepancies between AdWords and your Analytics data New window or other third-party data.
  • We are dedicated to protecting advertisers against invalid clicks. See how you canmonitor and prevent invalid clicks.

The components of a text ad

All online ads are essentially clickable messages that connect customers with a website.

Text ads, the simplest version of a clickable message, contain three components: a headline, display URL, and a description. Let's look at the components of the sample ad below:

Advertise with Google
Want fast results?
Create your ad campaign today!
Display URL


The first line of your ad is the one that customers are most likely to notice. If you really want your headline to stand out, consider including keywords. People are more likely to notice headlines that match what they're searching for. In our sample ad, the keyword "advertise" should get the attention of people who are searching for ways to advertise online.

Display URL

Appearing in green, this line of your ad shows the address of the website that you're promoting. AdWords lets you choose a brief but meaningful display URL to give people who see your ad a clear idea of where it'll take them when they click on the link. Behind the scenes, you can also assign your text ads a different destination URL, which takes the person who clicks your ad to a precise location on the same website that's relevant to the ad itself. People can only see the display URL in your ad and not the destination URL.


The final lines of your text ad are where you describe the product or service you're advertising. Space is limited, so choose your words carefully to highlight the most important details and benefits.

Next steps

Other Google products for your business

AdWords has lots of ad formats, tools, and features to help you be successful with your advertising. But you can also try many other Google products that are separate from AdWords to help boost your success. Use these products to help grow your business online, gain extra income, and create a better experience for your online customers.

We've described just a few of these products below. You can see a full list of all Google products available for your region at New Window

Reaching customers Reaching local customers

Show your business on Google Maps: Reach people who are searching for local services on Google Maps. They'll see your business highlighted on the map, giving them easy access to your business information, photos, and even reviews.
Try Google Places New Window Free!

Attract potential customers in your area: AdWords Express -- a separate product from the standard AdWords -- lets you run ads on Google and Google Maps to connect with customers searching for local services. AdWords Express gives you a more hands-off approach: you set a budget, choose advertising categories based on your product or services, create your ad messaging, and let our automated systems take care of the rest.
Try Ad Words Express New Window

Selling your products online Selling your products online

Increase traffic to your website's store with Google Product Search. Submit your products to Google Product Search so shoppers can quickly and easily find your site when they're shopping online.
Try Product Search New Window Free!

Make it easy for customers to pay you by using Google Checkout. It's an online payment system that's safe and easy for your customers to use, and can even increase your sales.
Try Google Checkout New Window

Enhancing your website Enhancing your website

Find out how customers use your website: Google Analytics can show you how your customers navigate through your site, what path they follow before they make a purchase, where you're losing customers, and a boatload of other information about how your website is performing.
Try Google Analytics New Window Free!

Discover which parts of your website perform well by testing different versions of a page. Website Optimizer will run tests so you can see if a particular layout or message improves your sales or leads.
Try Website Optimizer New Window Free!

Improve your website's shopping experience with a Google search box that's specially designed for sites that sell multiple products. Non-shopping sites can use the similar feature Site Search. New Window
Try Commerce Search. New Window

Earning extra money from your website Earning extra money from your website

Show relevant Google ads on your website and get paid for it! We give you a piece of code to put on your site, you choose where to place ads, and you earn money when visitors click on the ads.
Try AdSense New Window Free!

Go beyond AdSense, showing ads on your site from AdSense and other ad serving programs to increase your revenue.
Try DoubleClick for Publishers New Window Free!

Get commissions on successful ads shown on your site. Another way to make money from your ads!
Once you have an AdSense account and are accepted into the Google Affiliate Network, you can get paid for driving sales or leads.
Try the Google Affilate Network New Window Free!

Advanced advertising tools Advanced advertising tools

Find more advanced advertising products in the DoubleClick suite. These powerful products offer sophisticated tools for search marketing, complex ad campaigns, and rich media ads.
Try a DoubleClick product New Window


If you use multiple Google products for your business, we recommend that you use the same Google Account login information for all of them. It's also a good idea to have separate Google Accounts for products used for personal and business activities.

Looking for help with a Google product? To access the Help Centers for all Google products and services, visit New Window Search or browse the product's Help Center to find answers or to contact the appropriate support team.

Facebook Ads


Reach Your Target Customers

  • Connect with more than 800 million potential customers
  • Choose your audience by location, age and interests
  • Test simple image and text-based ads and use what works

Thắt chặt các mối quan hệ của bạn

  • Promote your Facebook Page or website
  • Use our "Like" button to increase your ad's influence
  • Build a community around your business

Control Your Budget

  • Set the daily budget you are comfortable with
  • Adjust your daily budget at anytime
  • Choose to pay only when people click (CPC) or see your ad (CPM)

Case studies

Reach Your Audience.

Reach the Right People at the Right Time.

People treat Facebook as an authentic part of their lives, so you can be sure you are connecting with real people with real interest in your products. Facebook Ads provided CM Photographic the ability to target their exact demographic — 24-30 year old women whose relationship status on Facebook indicated that they were engaged.

Original ad placed

"I have found [Facebook Ads] SO effective. My business wouldn't be anywhere close to where it is today if it weren't for Facebook, and the ads campaign."

— Chris Meyer, Chủ Tịch

Over 12 months, CM Photographics generated nearly $40,000 in revenue directly from a $600 advertising investment on Facebook. Of the Facebook users who were directed to CM Photographics' website from the ads, 60% became qualified leads and actively expressed interest in more information.

Easy and Cost-Effective

Flexible pricing and real-time suggested bids provide guidance for cost-effective ad campaigns.

Facebook Ads makes it easy and cost-effective to quickly set up and manage your campaign. G5 found success setting up a series of Facebook Ad campaigns targeted to college students at 21 campuses prior to Summer break for StorQuest self service storage facilities. Real-time suggested bids for our auction-based system provided guidance that enabled G5 to hone ad effectiveness based on their various targeting filters (age, college level and location).

Original ad placed

StorQuest's Total Rentals

"Facebook helped our client target a specific audience and offer a solution for their specific needs. Offering college students self storage right at the end of the semester with Facebook Ads helped StorQuest post record-breaking student occupancy rates."

— Dan Hobin, CEO, Tiếp Thị Quảng Cáo G5

The results from StorQuest's Facebook ad campaign were one of their highest performing online advertising efforts:

  • Over 50% increase in total rentals versus prior year at the same store.
  • 10% conversion rate from visits originating from Facebook Ads.
  • On par with Google AdWords on a cost-per-lead and cost-per-customer basis.
  • $1.25 CPC delivered $10.25 cost-per-lead.
  • $100 average rentals; $600 average life time value per customer.


Combining marketing solutions on Facebook for a positive ROI.

When you have a broader presence on Facebook with Facebook Pages or Facebook Events plus ads for instance, you can turn your advertising message into a trusted referral by including content from a user's friends who are already affiliated with your products. ANA took this approach by creating a Facebook Page to acquire interested users for ongoing messaging opportunities and developing a compelling advertising campaign. ANA used a creative grouping of keywords to target advertising to users specifically interested in traveling and Japanese culture and developed ad creative that resonated with their audience.

Original ad placed

Click Through Rate

" To date, Facebook has been our best performing ad campaign online. It's hard to beat the low cost of participation and uniquely engaged audience. "

— Damion R. Martin, PR & Marketing

Average campaigns for ANA result in CTR of 8 - 12%. Facebook Ads resulted in a 25% CTR. Conversions resulted in positive ROI which is unique for ANA considering their product is not an impulse purchase for most people and Japan is not traditionally seen as a leisure destination.


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